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Excellent range of services provided at competitive rates

Desktop Applications

We specialize in development of Desktop based applications made with Qt, Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC), Swing and JavaFX.

Web Applications

We have extensive experience in developing Web Based software on Java (Spring, Struts), C# (ASP.NET), and Python (Flask, Bottle) platforms.

System Administration

We provide excellent System Administration and Configuration services for setting up a Development Environment to support a large group of Software Developers.

Mobile Applications

We provide enterprise mobile application development services for all major mobile platforms; Apple, Android, Windows and Blackberry.


A little about who we are and how we operate


The business-to-business market place is one of the most challenging. Taking a leading position in this environment requires quality products, faultless services as well as a clear brand image and strong arguments. We know b2b markets and how to approach them with appropriate strategies and powerful communication tools.

Industrial roots

We understand technology products and industrial markets. They are part of our DNA. We know how to translate them into clear and convincing solutions for targeted audiences. Pedagogy and argumentation are at the heart of all our projects.

Results-driven culture

We look at the world from our customers’ perspective. Industrial markets follow their own rules and we respect them: “profitability” and “cost-efficiency” are words that are familiar to us. For our customers, we are looking for efficient concepts and a rational organisation of projects.

National approach

Industry markets follow global logic. We support our customers in all their areas of development. With our office in Montreal and our clients across the country, we assist you in all your projects, regardless of their location and specificities.

Integrated strategy

We provide a complete range of services: from brand positioning to visual identity, from marketing plans to Internet presence. You have the products, we showcase them to your audience.

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Location: Suite 16-51, 5890 Monkland Avenue, Montreal, QC H4A 1G2
Email: info@enrichedcode.ca
Toll-free: +1 877 266-6419